Monday, December 31, 2012

Recycle a Water Heater: Steps to Recycling a Hot Water Heater

Recycling hot water heaters for the environment has a payoff. Customers can recycle them at their local recycling center in their area. Some recyclers charge a fee for receiving a water heater, but others offer a payment. Does this Spark an idea?

  1. Make a list of all local recycling centers and landfills. Recycling promoters offer databases with regional locators to help you find local centers. Links to these websites are provided in the Resources section.
  2. Call local recycling centers to be sure they will take hot water heaters. Be ready to give a description of the unit, including its age, size and condition. Ask if there is an incentive payment or a fee for recycling.
  3. Check local appliance retailers for recycling options. Some appliance dealers offer incentives for turning in an old water heater that apply toward the purchase of a new one.
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